The IHOP Menu – Kids Eat For Free In August!

When is the last time you treated yourself and your family to the IHOP menu?  Do you often ask where you can go in this struggling economy for a bargain or break?  I will tell you exactly what menu is still there for that same bargain that we are all looking for, but you better hurry because it will not last for long.  None other than the IHOP menu, and their new kids eat free from 4:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M everyday of the week, Monday through Friday, this offer is good through the month of August 2010, so hurry.  Are you looking for a break or a similar deal? 

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of having my kids stare at the food that I put before them like this kid to your left.  I need a break too, and this new menu let’s my kids eat for free.  So whether it is either dinner or a late lunch, I want to see my kids smile and they will do just that with this deal from the IHOP restaurant chain.  So what are you waiting for?  The time to take advantage of this is right now! If you do not like this restaurant, I respect that. 

My last trip there was last week and this is what I spent on a meal for six (6).  My daughter (14) and my wife (no such luck putting her age here) and me, paid regular price which was about $36.00 including drinks.  But my sons, (8) and (6) and niece (4) were all free.  Of course they have you make a selection from the kid’s IHOP menu, but that is totally OK, because my kids were happy and so was I.  A night out, where we were all waited on and I did not have to spend more than $50.00 including tip, not bad in my book.  Hey the up-swing to this night out is that we all get to share a truly great American family style meal, and in the process get to help the economy out, and accept a free meal from a company that has done all it can to help the All- American family and treat us to something special.  Everyone wins, and my kids get to leave with crayons, WOW!