The IHOP Menu – All You Can Eat Pancakes

The IHop menu has something that no other restaurant does. All you can eat pancakes, the price is a low $4.99 and the special has just begun. There are few things that make a breakfast special like pancakes do.  If pancakes are not for you and you want to eat healthy and get into shape, look no further!

Pancakes, syrup, and butter with your choice of juice or coffee and that is all that you need to get your morning off to a great start. Once you finish that plate off, order another, and another, and another. To your hearts content,all you can eat pancakes right out of the IHop menu. If pancakes is not your breakfast choice, then do not distress, they have more breakfast choices then any other restaurant that specializes in the breakfast menu. Special items like Eggs Benedict, omelets, and sandwiches for you to choose. The IHop menu omelets are something out of this world. They have seafood omelets, meat lovers omelets, vegetable, and others. All omelets are served with hash browns.

All you can eat pancakes comes a few times a year with IHop and there is no coupon that can compare to this special offer.  Simply because it is all you can eat. When I go to the IHop restaurant I usually eat pancakes, but my favorite pancakes are the harvest moon whole grain pancakes. They are made with nuts and harvest grain. Much healthier and also much more filling then the regular pancakes, these can be ordered for the same price as a substitute with any breakfast dish off of the menu.

IHop coupons are available in many of the different venues that you can usually find coupons.  One of the place that I have been able to find them is in the coupon pack that accompanies the Flyer. I usually find these coupons about once a month. There are other places like the local newspaper and of course the Internet.  If you want to get into shape, I will show you how!