Jelly Donut Pancakes

Jelly Donut Pancakes

I have always been a huge fan of the IHOP menu, I am sure that most of you can tell. However, they struck a very tasty nerve when they introduced their new line of Pancakes. My favorite is the the Jelly Donut Pancakes. If you love the taste of Jelly filled Donuts, then you will love their Jelly filled Pancakes. I have made a few trips to IHOP for these Pancakes, and I know when you try them you too will love them.

My favorite dish is the Meat Lover’s Omelette. This delicious plate comes with Hash-Browns, and toast or Grits. I highly recommend the dish. This is one meal that will leave you wanting nothing else, so adding Pancakes to this meal may not be the wisest option. However, all depending on the hunger level, Pancakes might be on your radar. I have one or the other but not both, because this is one heavy handed Omelette.

Healthier Choices

The IHOP menu does also have a great selection of healthier choices. I love the Harvest Grain Pancakes. These Pancakes are a healthier choice, and include Walnuts, and other nutritional Grains. I love these Pancakes with the Butter Pecan flavored syrup. So what is your favorite IHOP menu item? With great food and great prices, this American Diner is always up to the task of feeding America with a great menu, and special items that we all love to eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Who Makes The Best Pancakes

How To Make Great Pancakes

For many years the IHOP Menu has boasted the best pancakes in the World. They might be right, but that does not mean that you cannot make great tasting pancakes at home. All it takes is a little motivation and a little know-how, and you can be off and running to making the best pancakes at home for your loved ones. I am going to bring to you a series of videos that are going to change your outlook on cooking some of the best breakfast items that so many people feel inclined to pay for.

Using coupons to help you save money will even make this scenario one that is easily affordable. So whether you want to make pancakes from scratch, or you want to buy the brands like Aunt Jemima, and other well known brands, and take the easy way, here are some helpful tips to get your family and children involved in the process of eating together and sharing quality time at the table together. Thanks for watching these videos.

IHOP Menu Prices Are Hot!

How often do you take your family out for breakfast? Is it the IHOP menu you love or Denny’s? How about Waffle house? What about a local mom and pop diner? Well, often lovers of breakfast foods feel in the mood to eat out at a restaurant, not only is it a family outing, but it is a chance for mom to relax and enjoy a meal too. Still if you choose to cook breakfast yourself, you need some relief from groceries. Monetary relief is good! Get your free groceries here for a limited time, apply today! Free grocery gift card.

Sometimes you want to eat breakfast food at 10:oo PM? Many dining places don’t serve breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs, waffles, 24 hours a day, but IHOP does. The IHOP menu specializes in every type of food that you may want to eat.  Also beyond the usual breakfast hours extending from 7am to around 11:30am, they serve this all day long. It is nice to have a restaurant that caters to our taste buds and desires, and hey they make a mean burger too.

IHOP is well known for its selection of breakfast menu like pancakes, waffles, eggs, omelets, and other similar foods and also they cater to heart healthy consumers with a list of items that are tasty and good for you. The IHOP restaurant chain was established in 1958.  The company has over 1,400 restaurants across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other countries, like McDonalds and other fast food restaurants they are world known.

Although popular for their pancakes, and other traditional breakfast items they stay open all day long, 24 hours. They also offer customers lunch, dinner, desserts and snack menus as well featuring a range of delicious dishes. Some of their home made specialty dishes are really worth trying, the taste will hook you with the very first try.

By maintaining affordable menu prices, the IHOP menu gives customers a good deal on meals and there are plenty of coupons available if you like to use them.  Almost all items on the menu are priced under $10.00 while breakfast foods often sell for just $4.00 to $7.00 per platter and the choices are endless, they are flexible with the menu items, and you can substitute most of them without incurring an additional cost, truly a family oriented restaurant.

Their moderate pricing makes IHOP a good value and a smart choice for any family, like Denny’s they try to get you the best deal for the money. This  restaurant compared to the other breakfast specialty restaurants are amongst the best.

Here is a look into the IHOP Menu Selection!

  • Appetizers- These include cheese sticks, garlic cheese bread, and chicken strips, besides a few other options.
  • Soup/Salads- One or two types of salads and soups is what you’ll find in this section of the menu.
  • Breakfast- This forms the main part of the menu offering around 10 to 15 types of pancakes, five styles of omelets, about 5 to 10 choices for an egg breakfast, waffles, and around 5 to 10 varieties of French toast, besides combinations of the above mentioned foods with toast, bacon, sausage, muffins, etc.
  • Burgers/Sandwiches- You can choose from different burgers, Philly cheese steak, patty melt, turkey club, and BLT and chicken sandwiches.
  • Dinner Entrees- These include Pot roast, country fried steak, T-bone steak, chicken strips, shrimp, grilled chicken breast, and some other items.
  • Desserts- The desserts at IHOP include options like apple crisp, fruit crepes, sundaes, and ice cream varieties served by the scoop.
  • Kid’s Menu- For children, IHOP offers items like a chocolate chip pancake, cheese omelet, egg sandwich, French toast, chicken strips, hamburger, etc.

The next time that you are in the mood for an outstanding breakfast, and you do not want to make it yourself, try the IHOP menu and prices. You will find that they are very competitive and most of all, they offer coupons and specials so that everyone can afford them. If you still enjoy making your own big breakfast, and need financial relief with groceries, we can all understand and appreciate that. Apply today for financial relief with a free grocery gift card!

Denny’s, International House Of Pancakes, and Perkins…The Breakfast Gurus

So the breakfast scene is eating at your belly, which menu will you prefer.  The IHop menu, the Denny’s menu of the Perkin’s menu? I frequent them all, and more recently I have been eating my breakfast pancakes at IHop.  But after a quick analysis of the Denny’s menu, I have to label them the breakfast gurus.  They keep spinning the menu around and around and where it lands no one know.  They keep pushing the breakfast menu envelope and they keep coming up with items that my whole family enjoys.  I think it is hard to dispute that this franchise is one of the most recognizable franchises servicing sit down breakfast.  I would have to remove McDonalds from the list because I just believe that their efficiency in serving all three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner just blows everyone else away and the stats are hard to dispute, but you cannot get the quality of breakfast with them, at least not what I look for to serving my family.

If you enjoy a great cup of Joe, like I do, then as you read along I will offer you a variation of free online gift cards to add to your collection and save you money, I start with one of the best cups of coffee that you can grab on the run, the 7-11 cup of coffee, and by the way you can also grab some crispy creme donuts to go with that cup of coffee.  Get that free online gift card today, right here!

Having recently eaten at all of the above mentioned restaurants, I will let you in on a little secret, although the Perkin’s restaurant chain and menu may not be readily accessible to you in your home town, (these restaurant chains are very exclusively picked so you will not see them everywhere) but just know this they are the most expensive of the three.  Now the food is fantastic, but bring at least $55.00 for a family of 5 if you are going to eat here.  I guess this is what makes places like McDonalds and Burger King so easy to visit for breakfast, they can get you in and out for about half of the price.  Here is a list of the items to have it you ever decide order from the Perkin’s Menu.

  • The Blueberry Muffin (Note that they also make fresh pastries right in their stores, which for me is a plus, since I enjoy a pastry with my breakfast coffee.)
  • Coffee, truly great cup of decaf.
  • Good solid combinations of eggs and your choice of meats, and a good kid’s menu as well.
  • Great service, a plus for me especially during breakfast where cold eggs just won’t cut it. If you see one around, go in you will not be disappointed.

The Denny’s Menu Affordable For All!

The Denny’s menu is truly as affordable and creative a menu as you are going to find anywhere in these restaurants that want your breakfast, lunch, and dinner business.  You can basically make any breakfast plate that you want from everything that you can order off of the menu, at prices that I can tell you, you will not find anywhere else.  This is the single factor that makes this one of the most famous and recognized names in the breakfast business.  Their menu stays fresh and they constantly add different breakfast plates to keep people coming back to try different menu items.  In keeping my promise here is another chance to obtain a free online gift card for another great cup of coffee, and particularly one of my favorite.  The Dunkin Donuts cup of decaf coffee.  Simply no other like it, if you ask me.  Get your free Dunkin Donut gift card here, but hurry these do not last long!  Below find some of the newer plates offered off of the Denny’s menu.

  • The Philly Cheese-steak Omelet. (Incredible!)
  • Make your own Grand Slam breakfast plate.
  • New Orleans Style Omelet.
  • Harvest Wheat Pancakes. (Great taste less filling!)