The IHOP Menu Has Something For Everyone!

The IHOP menu has something for everyone and yes I have a large family I should know.  Now I recently received an email about a disgruntled person who went to an IHOP in his area, and they were out of a specific item that he wanted.  The consumer believed that there should have been some compensation or discount for not having the item he wanted.  I am not going to spend much time on this topic, because this has been an isolated email.  But I would look at that as a positive and know that the turn around must be pretty good at that IHOP, as it is at mine.

I do not have much else to say, in reference to a $1.00 off for not having your item, which is what that patron wanted.  Let’s face it folks, we cannot change the rules as we go.

I contact that IHOP in Sioux City, Iowa and the answer I got was the answer I wanted to hear, they would have supplemented any other item for that item and they would be willing to accommodate anyone if something off of the IHOP menu is unavailable.  That is pretty much standard anywhere.  These companies want your business people!  I still say that every time I go with my family for an IHOP breakfast, they always please and always come through.  The all you can pancakes is my family’s favorite time and I follow behind with complete eagerness to dig in.

The IHOP menu has something for everyone, it is true.  Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  My son loves the chicken strips and fries.  Everyone else digs in and has breakfast items whenever we go.  This is truly a great American breakfast stop.  I am not going to sit here and nit pick because once in a while, a store may be out of an item.  Life is most definitely too short and their food is too good!  Do you want to learn how to eat healthy?