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New IHOP Menu Items – Bananas Foster Brioche

bananas foster brioche

Great new items arrived a few short weeks ago at America’s favorite breakfast stop IHOP. The new item boost the Brioche French toast in several exciting new flavors listed below you will see the new flavors as they list them in the new menu.

  • Bananas Foster Brioche (my favorite)
  • Berry-Berry
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Strawberry Bananas, and so much more

For many years, people everywhere have flocked to IHOP to get their morning started the right way, with a hearty breakfast, me included. The Big Steak Omelette’s are just one of the fine omelette’s that you can order to start your morning off the right way. Steak for breakfast is just one of the ways that you can start your morning, and these omelette’s totaling all 10 each come with your choice of either hash-browns or pancakes. What more can you ask for to get you going.

IHOP Gift Cards

Whether you want an opportunity to win one of the IHOP gift cards or want the latest information on how to be a franchise owner of IHOP all you have to do is visit the main website for more information. IHOP gift cards make a great gift to the special person in your life that loves to eat pancakes, eggs, bacon, burgers, chicken fingers, salads and more great food anytime of the day, each and everyday. So visit IHOP the next time you want to experience a great dining outing with your friends and family. Don’t forget to try the new Banana’s Foster Brioche.

The IHOP Menu Is Spectacular

The IHOP menu is truly something spectacular. This menu has and sports everything dish other restaurants wish they had. The perfect blend between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One of only a handful of menus that let you have great pancakes at anytime of the day. Are you an adult and want to get into shape?

My family loves the IHOP menu, and ever since they put pancakes and chicken strip dinners on the same menu, boy did they make my restaurant decisions easy. My oldest son loves chicken strips and fries, and my littlest son, will pancakes twenty four-seven. He loves the blueberry pancakes without the whip cream. I must say, watching him eat those, make me happy. Let’s face it, can you go out and make some pancakes and save a few bucks, yeah I guess you can. But how expensive would it be to make everyone something different at around 11:20 on a Sunday morning, and make everyone happy. Now only just as expensive, but also very tiring. My family is 6 strong, including the old father-in-law, simply not an easy task, and not one you want to take on on a given Sunday. Not me anyway.

As you look over the IHOP menu and their prices, there is always the possibility to save a few bucks using the IHOP coupons. They are available just as much as any other coupon that you can get anywhere else for any other restaurant. Now to my favorite dish off of the IHOP menu, none other than the Colorado Omelet. I am here to tell you, that as you sit down for breakfast or lunch or dinner, you are going to be hungry, right? Well the key with this dish is not to over order, the omelet is huge and it is packed with bacon, and other meats, peppers, onions, and cheese. Take my advise and skip the added pancakes, and if you can also skip any added side orders of another meat. You will regret it, this I can guarantee. Hands down my favorite breakfast or any time dish from the IHOP menu. Look for more upcoming articles, with more from this great American breakfast restaurant.  Are you over 35 and want to find great recipes to help you get into shape?

The IHOP Menu – All You Can Eat Pancakes

The IHop menu has something that no other restaurant does. All you can eat pancakes, the price is a low $4.99 and the special has just begun. There are few things that make a breakfast special like pancakes do.  If pancakes are not for you and you want to eat healthy and get into shape, look no further!

Pancakes, syrup, and butter with your choice of juice or coffee and that is all that you need to get your morning off to a great start. Once you finish that plate off, order another, and another, and another. To your hearts content,all you can eat pancakes right out of the IHop menu. If pancakes is not your breakfast choice, then do not distress, they have more breakfast choices then any other restaurant that specializes in the breakfast menu. Special items like Eggs Benedict, omelets, and sandwiches for you to choose. The IHop menu omelets are something out of this world. They have seafood omelets, meat lovers omelets, vegetable, and others. All omelets are served with hash browns.

All you can eat pancakes comes a few times a year with IHop and there is no coupon that can compare to this special offer.  Simply because it is all you can eat. When I go to the IHop restaurant I usually eat pancakes, but my favorite pancakes are the harvest moon whole grain pancakes. They are made with nuts and harvest grain. Much healthier and also much more filling then the regular pancakes, these can be ordered for the same price as a substitute with any breakfast dish off of the menu.

IHop coupons are available in many of the different venues that you can usually find coupons.  One of the place that I have been able to find them is in the coupon pack that accompanies the Flyer. I usually find these coupons about once a month. There are other places like the local newspaper and of course the Internet.  If you want to get into shape, I will show you how!

The IHOP Menu Has Something For Everyone!

The IHOP menu has something for everyone and yes I have a large family I should know.  Now I recently received an email about a disgruntled person who went to an IHOP in his area, and they were out of a specific item that he wanted.  The consumer believed that there should have been some compensation or discount for not having the item he wanted.  I am not going to spend much time on this topic, because this has been an isolated email.  But I would look at that as a positive and know that the turn around must be pretty good at that IHOP, as it is at mine.

I do not have much else to say, in reference to a $1.00 off for not having your item, which is what that patron wanted.  Let’s face it folks, we cannot change the rules as we go.

I contact that IHOP in Sioux City, Iowa and the answer I got was the answer I wanted to hear, they would have supplemented any other item for that item and they would be willing to accommodate anyone if something off of the IHOP menu is unavailable.  That is pretty much standard anywhere.  These companies want your business people!  I still say that every time I go with my family for an IHOP breakfast, they always please and always come through.  The all you can pancakes is my family’s favorite time and I follow behind with complete eagerness to dig in.

The IHOP menu has something for everyone, it is true.  Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  My son loves the chicken strips and fries.  Everyone else digs in and has breakfast items whenever we go.  This is truly a great American breakfast stop.  I am not going to sit here and nit pick because once in a while, a store may be out of an item.  Life is most definitely too short and their food is too good!  Do you want to learn how to eat healthy?