Denny’s, International House Of Pancakes, and Perkins…The Breakfast Gurus

So the breakfast scene is eating at your belly, which menu will you prefer.  The IHop menu, the Denny’s menu of the Perkin’s menu? I frequent them all, and more recently I have been eating my breakfast pancakes at IHop.  But after a quick analysis of the Denny’s menu, I have to label them the breakfast gurus.  They keep spinning the menu around and around and where it lands no one know.  They keep pushing the breakfast menu envelope and they keep coming up with items that my whole family enjoys.  I think it is hard to dispute that this franchise is one of the most recognizable franchises servicing sit down breakfast.  I would have to remove McDonalds from the list because I just believe that their efficiency in serving all three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner just blows everyone else away and the stats are hard to dispute, but you cannot get the quality of breakfast with them, at least not what I look for to serving my family.

If you enjoy a great cup of Joe, like I do, then as you read along I will offer you a variation of free online gift cards to add to your collection and save you money, I start with one of the best cups of coffee that you can grab on the run, the 7-11 cup of coffee, and by the way you can also grab some crispy creme donuts to go with that cup of coffee.  Get that free online gift card today, right here!

Having recently eaten at all of the above mentioned restaurants, I will let you in on a little secret, although the Perkin’s restaurant chain and menu may not be readily accessible to you in your home town, (these restaurant chains are very exclusively picked so you will not see them everywhere) but just know this they are the most expensive of the three.  Now the food is fantastic, but bring at least $55.00 for a family of 5 if you are going to eat here.  I guess this is what makes places like McDonalds and Burger King so easy to visit for breakfast, they can get you in and out for about half of the price.  Here is a list of the items to have it you ever decide order from the Perkin’s Menu.

  • The Blueberry Muffin (Note that they also make fresh pastries right in their stores, which for me is a plus, since I enjoy a pastry with my breakfast coffee.)
  • Coffee, truly great cup of decaf.
  • Good solid combinations of eggs and your choice of meats, and a good kid’s menu as well.
  • Great service, a plus for me especially during breakfast where cold eggs just won’t cut it. If you see one around, go in you will not be disappointed.

The Denny’s Menu Affordable For All!

The Denny’s menu is truly as affordable and creative a menu as you are going to find anywhere in these restaurants that want your breakfast, lunch, and dinner business.  You can basically make any breakfast plate that you want from everything that you can order off of the menu, at prices that I can tell you, you will not find anywhere else.  This is the single factor that makes this one of the most famous and recognized names in the breakfast business.  Their menu stays fresh and they constantly add different breakfast plates to keep people coming back to try different menu items.  In keeping my promise here is another chance to obtain a free online gift card for another great cup of coffee, and particularly one of my favorite.  The Dunkin Donuts cup of decaf coffee.  Simply no other like it, if you ask me.  Get your free Dunkin Donut gift card here, but hurry these do not last long!  Below find some of the newer plates offered off of the Denny’s menu.

  • The Philly Cheese-steak Omelet. (Incredible!)
  • Make your own Grand Slam breakfast plate.
  • New Orleans Style Omelet.
  • Harvest Wheat Pancakes. (Great taste less filling!)